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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Memories of my vacation 1

One of the best places Ive ever been to. Australia. This time last year I was there. This was taken one early morning before my swim. I had the beach and ocean to myself. I greeted every morning with a swim further and further away from shore. I scared myself a few times going out so far. Mostly a mental thing... I thought of sharks hungry for their first meal of the day. Breakfast... it is important right? That could have been me. But I was able to shake that mental thought process away and continue my swim.

I spent 3 weeks there and most likely will post other photos and share my memories of how Australia was so good to me.

I hope one day you can visit this beautiful place.

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Saturday, January 20, 2018


So many things have happened... the most recent is in the Soup Category. Lets call him Mike. He's almost a decade older than I am and has the most delicious voice. Its smooth and silky with that Irish accent thats distinguishably sexy.

Other than his voice, of which I am a big fan, he's into a few things that Im curious about. I wont go into details... for now. But he seems like a great fit.

Only issue is.... He's in Ireland and Im... well... Im not.

Which begs the question... would I ever uproot my life for someone? Would someone uproot their life for me? Now this is all way ahead of our time but these are things that have flitted through my mind.

Ill be posting again. Whether the content is good or not lol I don't know. But I still write.

share worthy news...

Im in lust! ... but thats pretty much normal for me lol

I ended it with DM but found myself returning for a tryst or three.... ok more. Ive laid my cards on the table and told him that I want to meet others and be with others. We can either end things or he can agree to having an 'open relationship'

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Learn as you go

Well I'm learning as I go. I've tried to post photos from my phone but for some reason it's giving me an error :/ 

Perhaps this is the universe telling me I should continue to be read and not seen.

And Frank :) the test isn't finished, there's much to be done! Lol 

It's good seeing you:) someone hasn't given up on me while I've been on hiatus 

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Testing sent from phone

Saturday, December 12, 2015

407 - D for Done

I've done it. I've said my final words to D. I kept it simple, to the tune of... it's no longer fun, hasn't been in a while. It doesn't feel like it's healthy and doesn't make me happy. 

There's lightness to my days now. And a rightness to this ending. I think perhaps it went on longer than it should have (of course it did) There's also some uncertainty about what I should do.

Was it worth it? Sad to say I'm not sure. It was fun at first and good in the middle and went downhill from there.

And now I start over. Unsure. 

D now stands for Done :) 

Send me good vibes as I test the temperature of the 'Alphabet Soup' 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

For the wine lovers

Saturday, August 22, 2015


I looked outside while the raindrops fell, I could see the raindrops landing on the railing and splashing back upon impact. With the moonlights glow the only light in the area I looked down at the lounge in the middle of the balcony and held my breath for a moment thinking about you in the Caribbean and images on my own balcony came to my mind and I couldn't look away. 

I lay on my right side looking out on the scene in my mind and wished it was happening. I could see a man standing naked with me pressed flushed against his body. Both our bodies coated with the falling rain. I see you raise your hand to swipe your thumb along my lower lip pulling it down in the middle and I see my tongue slip out to rub it against the tip of your thumb. 

I dip my head down and take your thumb into my mouth and wrap my lips around it. I taste the rain and you on my tongue. I suck lightly and feel your thumb go in and out of my mouth with the push and pull of my throat. I see your jaw tense and imagine you clenching your teeth. I tilt my head back and slowly release your thumb and you feel the scrape of my teeth along the top and bottom of your thumb. As your thumb moves ever so slowly out of my mouth, you can feel the hot caresses of my tongue until its left my mouth open, and my head is turned to the moonlit sky. 

With my eyes closed, raindrops fall onto my face and I feel your thumb sweeping back and forth along my lower lip and then stop once more in the middle. I hear you tell me not to move I feel your hand against me and you start to move your hand down my neck. The rain making your movements smooth. The trail of your hand leaves my body cool after you move your hand down my body. Your hand feels hot touching me and I want to feel as much of that heat on me. I move closer to you and you stop me with your hand flat against my neck. I feel your other hand against my lower back and you take a small step back and I make a small noise in protest and see you smile and lean in to kiss me and then say you want to see me, that you want to touch me. I nod my head and watch as you look down at me with your hand now against my collarbone. You sweep your hand from one shoulder to the other, the rain making it seem like were under the shower spray, water running down in between the valley of my breasts and you follow the stream and cup my right breast in your hand. 

I feel your thumb stroke my nipple making it hard and tight. Your hand kneeding me in your hand making me shudder and release a breath and inhale with my mouth slightly open. I watch your head bent down watching your hand squeezing me and see you clench your teeth and hear you let a small growl that makes me bite my lip. 

I press my chest out for you to silently say that I want more and you lean into my neck and I feel your mouth on me, your tongue sweeping up the side of my neck, I tilt my head to the side and notice that im breathing in shallow breathes. My eyes close and imagine you sucking that sweet spot that will make my knees weak and the next moment my knees do go weak. You tighten your hand behind me and press our lower bodies close together. my legs slide open easily with the help of the rain and I can feel you hot and hard in between us. 

In my mind I can already imagine what it would feel like when you enter me. When you slip yourself inside me. Stretching my opening until you're seated deep inside me. But were not there yet. But my mind has started to make my body feel it like it was already happening. Making me open to you, making me drip with want for that to be happening. My imagination running wild. Thinking of you bringing me over with your hands or your mouth. Thinking of me on my knees taking you in my mouth or watching my hands coaxing you slowly or with a frenzy. But all I want is to continue to watch the balcony and see what unfolds in my mind of what we would be doing. 

I come back to myself to concentrate on the imagery on the balcony leaving me breathless and panting for more. I see you pull me to follow as you lay back on the lounge chair. I watch you lay back, watch the drops of rain kiss your body. I have the urge to kiss every place a rain drop falls. I see drops fall on your body and hear myself telling you that I want to kiss every place a rain drops fallen. You smile at me and tell me that it would drive you crazy if I did and that you wouldn't last. I smile and tell you I love it when it rains and one day I will want to do exactly that. 

But at the moment all I want to to continue what we've started. I brace myself over you, my knees along your hips. the rain making our bodies slippery against each other. I lower myself along the length of your cock and feel how hot we are where our bodies touch. Making every other place were not tighten, my nipples harden even more. Sitting up my hands reach behind my neck, my back arching, breast pushing forward while your hands reach up to cup my breasts but before you touch me, you notice the water dripping off of my nipples. 

I seat myself a little more against you and see how well I slide back and forth. Without you inside me but sliding against each other I am getting even more turned on and cup my breasts in my hands and squeeze them as you watch. Your hands wrap around my waist and hold me as we slide against each other. The length of you sliding in between my lips and I lean forward and change the angle a little so that as the tip of you slides over me it rubs my clit just right making me concentrate on that area a little more. Me leaning forward places your mouth close to my chest and your lips find my nipple and you rub that hard nipple against your lips softly nibbling on them and them opening your mouth to take it in your mouth. 

I gasp at the feeling your hot mouth around my nipple and the contrast between hot and cold makes me rub myself faster and faster against you. I feel your hands on my ass, pushing and pulling me over you helping to get me to that place where I come all over you. You suck harder on my nipple and Im sucking in air through my mouth and my eyes are tightly closed. Im moaning that Im close and it feels so good and then you feel my body freeze and grind down on top of you and I feel your mouth release me with a soft pop and you watch me as my body shudders its release. 

I open my eyes and see you watching me, your eyes half closed and a glint in your eye that I love seeing. To me that look is telling me that you're going to want me to cum again and its going to be better than the last. I lean and kiss your lips softly and say that was wonderful and with a tug of your lower lip I place my hands flat on your chest and lean up. I reach in between our bodies and see you watch my hand as I slip my finger in to spread my lips open and my middle fingers dips inside me and your jaw clenches again and this time your nostril flares. I smile and tell you to wait just a little longer, your lips tighten and your eyes close but I tell you to watch... your eyes slowly open and look at me with a dangerous glint, I tell you that look turns me on more and I love my hips over your thighs as I lean in to kiss you.

Before our lips touch I stop just out of reach and ask you if you want to taste me. I hear you say 'you know I do' and you watch as i lift my middle finger up closer and closer so its in between us. You lift your head with your mouth starting to open. I lean in and take my finger in my mouth and suck my finger clean. I hear you say God' and I smile around my finger. I take it out with a soft pop and lean in to kiss you, our mouths eat at each other, our tongues dancing and I moan into your mouth as your hand reaches in between us and your slip two fingers inside me. I move my hips back and forth wishing it was a different part of you inside me. 

I feel your other hand reach behind me and reach in between my legs to where your fingers are buried and you slip in another finger from that angle. That drives me a little crazier and I start to move wildly over you. I repeat over and over that I want you inside me and you tell me soon, that you want me to cum for you one more time. I struggle for breath and close my eyes, imagine watching us on the balcony doing what were doing. Seeing the raindrops fall on our bodies while your fingers move in and out of me, my body tightening around your fingers, imagining that makes me cum and still I feel you moving inside me. I squeeze my thighs against you and say over and over enough enough. You slow your hand and wait until my body stops shaking from orgasm. Your hand slips out from between us and you trace my lips with those same fingers. I smile and lick my lips and watch as you lick them clean. 

'God I want you so bad' I whisper, I hear you say 'you have me' and you wrap your arms around me and stand. I grab your shoulders and scream a little, scared of falling but also laughing at the sky. Im shocked into silence with the cold of the glass patio door against my back and then after adjusting my knees over your elbows you enter me in one smooth stroke. The back of my head bangs against the door and I scream out loud. You filling me, working your way in me with one stroke after my earlier orgasms have made me sensitive and feeling you fill me that deeply is like feeling whole and right. 

I hear you taking into my neck and I can make out something like cant hold back, want you so much, feels too good. In between gasps I hope you can hear that I want you to take me, take what you need. Its what I want too. Hearing that, you groan and then pull out so slowly that Im afraid youll pull all the way out. I try to wiggle down so you dont fall out and then I hear you say 'dont move, dont fucking move' I freeze. My eyes open and see that the rain is coming down harder, big drops fall all around us, I tilt your head back so our eyes collide, my hand sweeps the water off your face and I lean in and whisper in your ear 'please' you ask 'please what?' I nibble on your earlobe and say 'please fuck me' and thats when you slam your hips up into me. My head snaps back and I can feel your teeth on my neck biting me while you slide in and out of me fast and hard. I can feel how swollen you've made me and in my mind I imagine what it looks like when you move in and out of me, how I open to you and how every stroke makes me hug you tightly as you move, how it feels when you push inside me, how it takes me higher and higher to a place where pleasure is surrounding me, and everything is good, the sounds of our bodies coming together, our moans, our breathes, our kisses. The images in my mind only heighten the pleasure of our bodies and that brings me crashing down and clamping down around you when you feel that, you know youve brought me to that place and you know that Im waiting and wanting you to get there too, to that place where it feels so good we die a little. 



Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dream, Fantasy, Truth or Fiction

I love that you have to bend down to kiss me. That I have to go up on my tip toes to meet your lips. That your arms wrap around me tightly, pressing me close to your body. Making me feel how excited you are for me. Hearing you whisper in my ear that I make you hard, that its me that got you that way. I press myself closer to you and undulate against you so you can feel that caress making you that much harder against me. That makes me smile and know for sure that it is me that arouses you.

Your hand comes up to my neck and ends up at the back holding my head just so you can angle the kiss just right. Your mouth presses against mine while our tongues stroke and caress each other. You push my sweater off of my arms and I moan at the loss of your arms around me, on me. You take the straps and push them down and free my breasts so you can hold them in your hands.

My breath catches at how good it feels to feel you touch me there, Your big hands holding me, squeezing gently and plucking at my nipples. Your mouth moves to my neck and I tilt my head to the side feeling your hot tongue trail my collarbone. It send shivers through my body and I moan. I want more of those shivers that you bring out.

My hands push your sweater off of your shoulders and I lean into your neck and nibble on your neck while my hands move in between our bodies to feel you pressing hard against your jeans. I cant wait to feel you in my hands, without any barrier in between. I rub and caress you through your jeans and feel how hot and hard you are and I cup your length in my hand as much as I can and squeeze gently. I want you to think of that squeeze and imagine how it will feel inside me. Soon, yes.

The longer we kiss and taste each other I imagine how sweet your tongue would feel on me in different places. I imagine your hot tongue would feel licking me. How good your soft lips would kiss down my body to where you meet another set of lips. I cant wait to feel your tongue slip inside me. I wonder if you would be as gentle. Or would you be so aroused that it becomes intense making it that much more frenzied.

We move towards the bedroom where we kiss at the edge of the bed and our hands continue their exploration. I want to take it all in, savor every moment. Unwrap my present slowly and revel in every bit of exposed skin as clothes fall away onto the floor. I move myself down your body and undo the snap and pull the zipper down to free you to my gaze. I wrap my hand around you and feel how velvety smooth you are in my hand. I lean in for a quick taste and want to feel you everywhere at once. In my mouth and inside my pussy. But I lean in and take you in my mouth. I want to feel you grow in my mouth because of my how wet my mouth it, because of how soft my lips are, because of my tongue and what it does to you.

It feels so right to have you there in my mouth. I feel you gather my hair in your hands and hold it away from my face so you can look down at me clearly. Look at my head moving back and forth over you, look at how you slide in and out of my mouth. At my eyes as the water when I feel you slide deep in the back of my throat. Watch as I hold you there for a moment longer, as I take an extra moment to push you a little deeper inside my mouth and then you feel me swallow while youre deep inside me. You moan and hold my head with both hands. My eyes water, tears gather at the corner of my eyes as I look up at you and I feel them fall, I swallow again around you and you thrust a few times, short shallow thrusts and thats when I pull away, feeling you leave my mouth leaving me empty.

I take a deep breath and take you back in my mouth and want this to be so good for you. My hands are on your thighs, gently kneading them as I bob my head back and forth. You reach down and cup my breast in one hand I moan around you and want more of you touching me. I undress myself in front of you and watch you do the same. My eyes wander of you and it makes me smile. While I hesitate to remove my top as a moment of insecurity hits me, you reach for me and kiss me while pulling it the rest of the way off. I moan into your kiss at my now total nakedness and you continue to kiss me until I am lying on my back with you in between my legs.

I can feel you pressing and sliding against me and you lean back and take yourself in your hand to rub the tip of your cock over my clit. It feels so good and I tell you how it feels. It makes my legs lift spread wider for you. I want you inside me. I want to feel you stretch my lips open and feel you push your way inside me filling me up and having our bodies kiss at the end of your push.

My body moves towards you to have you slip inside me. But you wait, you hold back and take your time. I make little noises of want and tell you how much I want you inside me. I hear you clearly say that youre going to fuck me so hard. I smile and bring my hips up closer to you and feel you press against my opening and slide inside. My legs wrap around you pulling you closer to me and I feel your hips pumping into me. Pushing yourself in and out filling me and touching me deep inside where I feel complete. My hands travel up your chest around your neck to pull you down for a deep kiss. I moan into your mouth and lift my legs high and I hook my knees around my elbows to feel you go in that much deeper and lift my hips for a better angle to feel you stroke in and out of me.

I repeat over and over that it feels so good. Against the side of my neck you tell me you wont last long, that you want me to cum around your cock, that you want to feel me squeeze you as I cum. I moan out a yesss and squeeze your cock as you pull out and you look at me and tell me that was a tight grip I have. I smile and tell you again how good it feels and through it all I am having one orgasm after another. I can feel my cum dripping down my body every time you pull out of me and as you push into me I feel the pressure that builds and I just repeat over and over so good.. so good.

You lean back and take my legs, cross my ankles and hold them against my chest as you pound into me. I look up at you and your eyes are closed and your jaw is clenched tight. I feel your thrusts become shallower and feel you move into me faster and you ask me where I want it. I tell you to cum all over me. I want you to cover me.

You let go of my legs and I keep them spread open and wide to the side as I lean up and present as much of my body as I can and watch you pull out of me stroking yourself until you groan out your orgasm all over me, burst after burst falls on me, my breasts, my stomach, my legs. I find it so hot watching you that I shudder one last time around my fingers that ive replaced you with inside me.


Sunday, March 01, 2015

406- Death by neglect.

A couple of weekends ago, I had plans to go out with D and I was looking forward to it. Really looking forward to it. It seemed that, at the time we were spending less and less time together. Talking less and less. Life happens, yes. Call me a girl but I like it when I get to spend time with someone that I like. I like touching them, seeing them, talking to them and so on.

None of my senses were being satisfied by D because of busy and conflicting schedules. So after looking forward to spending time with him and it being a while since we last did. I took extra care of myself. I prepared myself, mentally and physically. I took the process of getting ready for the night out and turned it to anticipation. With the application of lotion on my body, I thought of his hands touching me everywhere, feeling and enjoying the feel of how silky smooth everything is to touch. With the stroke of color against my lips and cheeks I thought of what it would look like a little bit smeared as we kissed. While slipping on a brand new pair of stilettos I imagined the line of my body pressed against his while  only wearing the shoes. I admired the line of my naked body and what the shoes did for it and debated what to wear. Carefully choosing something that left the imagination wondering what I had on underneath. I dressed. 

And I wondered at how I was going to make it out in public if my libido took over before being seen with him. Out. In public. Anticipation, I told myself its all part of it. And at the end of the night and after being teased throughout the evening. Alone together in the bedroom is where we can relish in coming together in a mad rush of want. Of bodies pressed against each other, of nibbles and licks throughout and all over each others bodies. Hands exploring and tongues dueling. I looked forward to it all. I imagined it all happening as they have in the past and I looked forward to the night. 

I took satisfaction in the product of my preparations. Hair soft and silky flowing down my back and framing my face where I applied minimal color, only emphasizing my eyes and lips. A little fragrance applied to various locations on my body like behind my ears and in between my breasts. 

I let my imagination play out scenarios. I wondered if we would make it out of the house before tearing our clothes off. Its happened before. Maybe again? Perhaps. Maybe we'll go out and enjoy each other as usual and heighten the want and need in each other that we find a secluded area and come together in silent oblivion. Could we wait until we come back and leave a trail of clothes from the front door to the bedroom. Would we make it to the bedroom even? Anything is possible. That thought made me smile. 

That smile was taken away by the long wait of nothing. Not a phone call, not a text, not a doorbell ringing. All the anticipation, for nothing. All the preparation, for no one. 

A little part of me died that night. A part that was special and just for D. I realized in the time that I waited for something, anything that I was in a quasi relationship by myself.. with D. I knew and realized that we werent 'together' together. That when we met and decided it would be light and fun. Good times. I realized that night that it wasnt that anymore. It became something else, something that I didnt agree to and something that I no longer recognized or wanted. 

So I decided that night to let things die between us. I wouldnt go out of my way to make things happen, make things good or special. I would just... plainly... leave things alone. I wouldnt yell or scream or be 'that girl' I would just let things .... die. Let things become what they really were and that was nothing special. 

Since that night I havent talked to him. He hasnt called me to apologize or explain what happened. Or if he has called theres been no messages left to listen to. I havent called him either, theres nothing for me to talk about. Something in me died that night for him, for us. So I feel no emotion when I think of talking to him. There would be no emotion behind my words if we did speak. Death by neglect. Thats how it feels. For something that I thought was special, I have received texts from him to the effect of 'hope you have a nice day' , where I replied you too and some  'thinking of you' which I dont reply to. My replies have been 4 words or less usually consisting of 'thanks you too' 

But now and for the last few days I wonder how Im to mourn this loss. Do I climb into myself and closet myself away from life. Do I go out and use someone elses body to help me forget or do I let time heal. Perhaps it will be a mix of the options above. 

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

405 - Looking back

So early this morning I bumped into my first ever boyfriend. I use that term loosely here as I would never have called him that at the time we were 'together'. It feels like it was a lifetime ago. I remember kissing him, a lot. I remember him getting to first base... not as much as we kissed but there were two times that I can remember. I enjoyed the kissing.

I wondered if he still kisses the same way or if his technique got better... or worse perhaps. Hes now married to his high school sweetheart and they have two children, a boy and a girl. I dont see myself seeing him in any other light than a friend, someone I used to make out with.

I remember ending that relationship over the phone. I didnt know how else to do it. I couldnt have done it face to face. I know better now. I wonder if he thinks back on that time together for whatever reason.

I wonder if I was his first kiss and so on. I just wonder what he remembers.

Oh how we change and grow over time.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

404 - Looking forward

I have a trip planned for this April, Ill be heading towards Southern California. Im excited. Its still a ways away but Im looking forward to getting away from the normal day to day things that I have to deal with here. Im not complaining about my life but its nice to get away for a little while. Even better to not have to deal with winter and everything that comes with it.

Ill be going for just under three weeks and thats not long enough to take in what Id like to take in, see who I need to see and do what I need to do.

The first half of my trip will be spent with family who are all flying in to spend time together. Its been  a little over two years since we were all together like this so that will be fun and awkward. But mostly fun with lots of catching up and laughter. So long as we keep the good times rolling then that will do nicely.

The second half sees the rest of the family flying back to their respective destinations while I remain to enjoy the homestead as I see fit. Which is where AS of LA comes in. Not to be confused with AS of Ottawa :)

I met AS of LA the last time I was in California. We hit it off from the start and he did all the right things that garnered him invites to spend more time with me until it was my time to go. It was such a natural ease of comfort for me to be with him that I jumped into 'crazy girl mode' which I warned him about and said not to pay it any mind as it just needed to get out of my system. I assured him that there would be no 'bad' crazy to deal with. Life is so full of drama that I try not to contribute to it. He laughed at me and said he appreciates the warning :)

The most important thing I told him to focus on while 'the girl' got her way for a time was that .... In that moment, that time and space we were together. It was perfect, exactly what I needed on so many levels. And he fit that bill at that time. After that, its all projection in my head and that would easily be fazed out with the distance between us.

We have kept in touch with each other to not cut ties but I fear it may be different when we reconnect as its been a while. Ive shared that with him but hes not worried about how things will be between us. Its nice to have someone counter my worries and toss them aside like they are nothing... specially when its nothing. When its a legitimate worry he does address them and we act accordingly.

It would have been nice to be able to see him since that last visit but life can be a huge deterrent. I wont share what he does for a living but he works in the entertainment industry and living in LA Im fascinated with what he does and who he gets to interact with. He says its not as glamorous as I think it is to me and its so different from anything Ive had to deal with that it is. I tell him that all the time and its the truth which I think makes him puff out his chest that much more. I think its attractive.

Will this be something serious? Its hard to tell. Long distance relationships dont have the best track record and well, there are other things to consider. So for now. Its nice that there will be someone to add to my little black book even if they are in Southern California.

In the meantime, locally I have AS of Ottawa that continues to demonstrate what keeps me wanting.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

403 - flip a switch

Music that flips a switch inside me and turns everything playful and naughty. 

Here are a few songs that does it for me. 

Earned it by The Weeknd
Sugar by Maroon 5
Love me Harder byAriana Grande
Talking body by Tove Lo

Hope you get a chance to listen to them when you can. Let me know if its just my switch that flips.

As a side note, a few days ago I was with AS and all the songs I mentioned played while we were en flagrante dilecto and it was just perfection. It added another dimension to the session which he noticed and asked about and I told him how the songs affected me to which he mentioned making me a CD with all the songs that 'flips that switch'. Sweet devious man :) 

Dream, Fantasy, Truth or Fiction

-Where are you? 
-What do you mean?
-I mean where do you go when you close your eyes, we kiss and your eyes close, I feel you but it feels like youre somewhere else in your head.

-Im here with you, closing my eyes makes me feel every pleasure so I can take it in and return it, make it better... make things more for you. 

-You do make things more... just better somehow... 

-Ill tell you what I think of when I close my eyes and were kissing. 

I think of your soft lips pressing against mine, how sweet it starts off, how lightly our lips touch and rub each other, then I feel your tongue against my lip and Ill open my mouth and lick your tongue with mine. Its playful. Like a greeting, then our lips part a little wider and we press our lips closer together to feel our tongue  wave over each other. Stroking with every lick. Which makes me think of what else my tongue would do to you, for you... and where your tongue would be on me. Licking and tasting other places, stroking other places. 

Thinking of that makes my heart beat faster, makes me want more and makes my hands wander over your body where they explore, they move over arms to your shoulders, then down your back and to your hips and then lightly over you and I know youre frustrated, I can feel it when I dont touch you where you want me to... how? your breath changes for a few moments and then I move them over you where you want my hands to be and I feel you settle in and continue to kiss me but this time its a little harder, not soft like at the beginning but with urgency. I feel your mouth open wider and take more of my tongue in your mouth and sucking it in until I make a small noise and you let go. I feel your lips against my neck, nibbling that spot that makes me knees weak. I make more noises letting you know its good and my hands continue to work you until we move out from under the spray of water and continue in the bedroom...


Saturday, February 07, 2015

Dream, Fantasy, Truth or Fiction

Part 3

My pussy is hungry and your cock demands the feel of me tight around you. You're still hard and press me against the mattress, taking my legs and lifting them high onto your shoulders while you straighten my arms above my head and secure them there with one of your hands. The other wraps around your cock and you tease me by rubbing the tip over me hard and fast making me buck up, trying to get you inside me. You smile at my attempt and ease my need by slipping inside me but with only the tip and nothing more. You want me to beg, want me to tell you how much I want to feel all of you inside me and how much I need to feel you deep inside me.

My legs tremble and my breath comes out in shorts bursts, my eyes are tightly closed and then opens wide as I try to push my hips up to feel more of you inside me. I bite my lower lip and let loose desperate noises full of need to feel you all the way inside me to the hilt, spreading me open all the way, filling me with your thick hard shaft. My mind shouting silent pleas for more, anything more. I look up and watch your determination not to move, not to give me what I want.

I clench my teeth and release and long surrendering breath, words slipping from my mouth 'please, just please, I need it, more, please, I want to feel you all the way inside me, fill me... please' My hips beg with their attempts to feel more of you more deeply. I squeeze my muscles around the tip of your cock hoping you want that feeling through your whole length.

You like hearing my words and relent by slamming in deep and with one thrust youre inside me. Our bodies now moving back and forth with the rhythm of your thrusts. I can feel your balls tapping my ass and my breasts sway back and forth under your hot gaze.

All of a sudden you spread my legs apart and lean in for a long hard kiss. Our lips eating at each other with a deep need. You tug on my hair, pulling my head to one side exposing my neck and you lick my neck leaving a hot trail to where you bite down in that spot that makes my body tense in anticipation. Makes my breath catch before I scream out in pleasure.

Suddenly you pull yourself off of me leaving me cold and confused, then with quick, sure and deliberate moves you roll me over to my stomach and place a pillow under my hips, you spread my legs wide and without waiting for me to adjust you enter me hard and fast, going deep inside me making me arch my back and lifting my ass up to feel more of you inside me. I scream in pleasure and urge you on.

Your hands grab at my ass, palming each cheek, kneading them, letting me feel the strength which makes me think of what else you could do with them. I feel you spread them apart and you stop mid thrust, my body doesnt want to stop and continues to move when all of a sudden i feel a splash of something wet. In that pause you aimed and gathered saliva and let it fall onto my ass. I feel your finger gently spreading all that wetness around me. You feel me tense and unsure but still wanting you to thrust in and out of me.

I moan and in between the slapping together of our bodies im able to repeat over and over one word yessss... and you move my knees farther apart I rest my cheek against the smooth silky sheets, I reach over the front of my body and rub my clit as you pound hard and fast inside me. My fingers leave my swollen clit and I push my hand lower until I feel your cock in between my fingers where we koin. I feel you move through my fingers as you pull in and out of me. I tighten my fingers around your cock and alternate squeezing you in between my fingers and squeezing my inner muscles around your cock.

My head rests on the mattress and I move my ass up and down to meet your relentless thrusts. Ass up to meet your downward thrusts making you go in that much deeper which makes my breath come out in pants and makes me moan with so much pleasure. So much that it makes me clamp down around you which makes you grab my hips and I move my fingers back to my clit and just let you feel me convuse around you.

I hear you swear and and say youre close. You start to move faster pulling my hips into you making the noises of our bodies coming together louder. I cry out urging you to make me cum. You touch and caress my ass and give me a couple of playful smacks. I feel your hand tease my other opening, gently rubbing back and forth. You feel me relax and thats when you slip inside me. I freeze and feel you slide inside me deeper. It makes me clamp tight around your finger and your cock. I hear you groan at the grip.

I reach down and cup your balls in my hand and hear you moan, hear your breathing come out ragged and then hear you say 'fuck youre so hot, im going to cum, cum with me'. I can feel your cock buried deep inside me and feel so stretched and full. You slide in and out of me and your balls slap against me while I work my clit, taking me closer to the edge.

I can hear both our breaths coming out in short pants and my cries become louder and louder as we get closer to falling off the edge. Our voices mingle which urges us both on to feel each others hearts pulse, throb and release all over each other.


Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Dream, Fantasy, Truth and Fiction

Part 2

You kneel before me on the bed and you roughly push my legs apart, stretching them wide and forcefully engage my sensitive clit with your tongue and squeeze it gently between your lips. I writhe in pleasure pushing your head hard into my center. You tongue my pussy well and deep as your hands reach up to feel my breasts and trap them in between your thumb and finger making hard aching points.

You sit up and present yourself and I reach over to lean you back on the bed, kiss your chest ND make my way to your nipple and firmly bite, tafter I hear you moan, I make my way down your stomach while our eyes lock onto each other and continue. My tongue passes over your cock as I lick the tip and down the shaft, below your soft, smooth and clean shaven sack and suck on each one. I feel your legs tighten with each pull of my mouth.

My hands reach up towrads your chest as I rise up and angle your cock into my mouth, with a groan of pleasure from each of us. I work on your chest as I stroke your cock with my soft lips, your brush the hair away from my face and tell me to look up at you and let you see the saliva from my mouth run down your cock.

I can feel your cock throbbing, growing and gathering cum as it expands and swells in my mouth. My tongue runs along the bottom of your shaft as I take you deep inside my mouth, you moan with acceptance and your head snaps back with a loud groan. I try harder to push your cock in my mouth and as fas as I can take it. My hands now wrapped under each of your legs allowing only me to do the work moving my head back and forth, pulling you deeper and deeper.

You reach down and wipe my chin, spreading wetness over your thumbs wake, I can taste the flow of precum in my mouth adding to what is overflowing from the sides of my mouth. Determined, I pull you in deeper and harder than before, and I feel the swell of cum rushing to the top, pulsing, throbbing in my mouth and your eyes show the sweet pain you are in and I dont relent. Im not letting go until I get what I want.

Your hips raise up in the air, one hand grabs a fistful of my hair at the back of my head and the other grabs the sheet, both in a tight grip. You tremble and twist before you feel the first pulse of your cock pushing out thick creamy cum into my mouth. It comes out fast and strong until you are no longer in control and it spits out from your body in sporadic bursts filling and over flowing out of my mouth down your shaft to the bed sheets.

Your body shudders with pleasure as you fill my mouth, your muscles remain tense as you continue to spasm inside my mouth, softly stroking your cock in and out of my mouth as your body adjusts to the explosion. The look in my eyes are of pure sexual submission. Your tight fist in my hair tugs me off and you feel a warm trickle from my mouth down your cock...

To be continued...

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dream, Fantasy, Truth or Fiction

Part 1

My Hands are nervously shaking as I undo my bra exposing my breasts and hard nipples. I sit back and slowly rub underneath them with one hand while the other moves down my chest, past my belly button and towards my hot, spread, and swollen pussy. I gently focus on rubbing my clit between my fingers until it swells with anticipation and stimulation. My fingers glide down the sides of my lips and meet at the bottom as I slowly slide them inside and make a small groan of pleasure.

My other hand pinches my nipples, my hand works my clit and my fingers dive farther inside reaching that spot that I know best. I look at you and we lock eyes as I slowly close them because of the pleasure that is mounting. I put my other hand to my mouth and wet my fingers to reach down and squeeze my nipples, rubbing and teasing them. I move my other hand to the top of my pussy and rub my sensitive clit and insert another finger inside me which is now trembling wet and hot.

We can both smell the sweetness dripping on the sheets and down my fingers. My eyes open slightly and see you enjoying the display and they close and my head tilts back as my legs shake and I tremble while my muscles contract on my vibrating fingers, my toes curl in as everything goes black.

With a vibration in my voice I scream out as my hands work feverishly, hitting each spot that I want until the rhythm builds within me as I feel my pussy contract so hard that it forces my fingers out as I tremble and shiver, calling out 'Oh Fuck! Im cumming" My voice breaks as my other hand quickly massages my clit, my back arches and my legs close together when I cum quickly, violently and oh so sweet, my orgasm rushes out of me and gushes out and all over the sheets in front of you.

My body lays before you and my fingers glisten from my moistness, my pussy lips swollen from my tough. I trail my wet fingers up my body, moving over smooth, soft, silky skin. I take my wet fingers nd trace my lips with dew. I have a look of satisfaction on my face as you look intensely into my eyes. I watch as you pull your shirt over your head, my mouth waters at the sight. I was you unzip your pants, and drop them to the floor, revealing your cock which makes me lick my lips...

To Be Continued...

Monday, June 30, 2014

music to listen to

01 Iggy Azalea Ft. Charli XCX - Fancy (00:00)
02 Ariana Grande Ft. Iggy Azalea - Problem (03:15)
03 John Legend - All Of Me (06:21)
04 Pharrell Williams - Happy (10:56)
05 Katy Perry ft. Juicy J - Dark Horse (14:47)
06 Jason Derulo Ft. 2 Chainz - Talk Dirty (18:20)
07 Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong (21:17)
08 Justin Timberlake - Not A Bad Thing (25:21)
09 Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Dogg - Wiggle (30:11)
10 Paramore - Ain't It Fun (33:17)
11 Calvin Harris - Summer (38:05)
12 Ed Sheeran - Sing (41:45)
13 Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (45:39)
14 Magic! - Rude (50:31)
15 Michael Jackson Ft. Justin Timberlake - Love Never Felt So Good (54:13)
16 Katy Perry - Birthday (58:17)
17 Luke Bryan - Play It Again (01:01:41)
18 Bastille - Pompeii (01:05:25)
19 Chris Brown Ft. Lil Wayne & French - Loyal (01:08:58)
20 Rixton - Me And My Broken Heart (01:13:19)
21 Disclosure Ft. Sam Smith - Latch (Bonus Track) (01:16:31)

I didn't put this together, I have to thank Samisplay on YouTube. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

My QR Code

I am helping a friend do some marketing. Im playing around with getting him a QR code. So I thought I would experiment on my blog and see how it goes. So if you can please take a quick scan and see if it works. I appreciate it. Plus you can take me everywhere you go :) How sweet :) \\

Im not even sure if anyone is using this type of technology anymore but Im willing to give it a try and see how it works.

Nothing fancy but let me know if it brings you back to my blog form your cell phone once you have scanned it. If so then I can continue with other things for him. Im hoping to help him by adding a website, contact info/business card style, possibly a coupon as well. 

Well heres to my attempts at marketing. Wish me luck. The joys of learning something new. HUZZAH! 

Check the code every month Ill be changing the info :) 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

402 - long protracted emails

Long protracted emails. Can be a good thing. Can also be a drag. Sometimes I find either I want to get right to the point, right to the heart of the matter, the meat on the bones. Other times I like the slow simmer of getting to know someone and truly finding out if this connection is something that has a chance of moving from virtual to real world without it fizzling upon contact.

Is it any wonder that two separate men, who I have been in touch with for the same amount of time have a totally different reaction coming from me? Both seem intelligent kind and and and. The one thats able to surpass the other comes with wit and has the ability to make me laugh.

The other has seen too many disappointments in meeting people off of the internet. thus projects all his issues onto our situation. Tries to rush the process basically which if anyone knows is not such a good idea and wont endear anyone to me if done.

Witty and funny is patient, respectful and though he shares his intent to meet and take this forward, is not running away for the fact that he has to wait. He takes it in stride and continues to be witty, funny, engaging and manly in a way that makes me comfortable, secure and safe.

For all his efforts he is rewarded and he enjoys his rewards. This moves us along nicely and is in line with my way of 'natural progression'. We all have different processes and what may feel natural to me may not to anyone else. Its all different and all on us to decide for ourselves.

It all depends on the person and how comfortable they make someone feel. If the guy is a creep or is giving off any kind of creep vibe then its going to a slow day in hell before I decide to move that pairing along.

Like I tell everyone I 'virtually meet' Seduce my mind, my body will follow. Until that happens its not going anywhere.

Sorry 'jaded guy' im afraid that youll have to continue your search. Ive found someone else... for now :)

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